Authority Capital values relationships because almost every opportunity, impact, and dollar of growth can be traced in some way back to a relationship. We are Authority Capital – Funding the innovations of tomorrow. 

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  • Kamal Singh – CFO, CTO
  • Gurmeet Singh – CMO
  • Shiv Kumar – Operations Manager
  • Mohit Sharma – Accountant
  • Carlos J Medina – VP of Marketing

We put resources into AI-projects, energy sector, bleeding-edge projects driven by people who have stronghold in their respective niche. We are based on a genuine, true partnership organization model. We’re industrious, responsive, and focused on increasing the value of every venture. 

We influence our unrivaled organizations across Asia and beyond to outfit Authority Capital with the immense talent, go-to-market information, and follow-on capital expected for a project to grow. 

Authority Capital supports projects to speed up the beginning phases of development. This is where most projects fail. While each organization is on its own interesting journey, there are few requirements that are absolutely needed for success of a project.  

How do we suppose about setting the terms of a adventure capital investment? To begin, investors need to understand the basics of the companies and diligence they invest in –e.g., earnings and gains over time; analogous companies and their track record; size of the request; operation experience; and anticipated return on investment.

Once an investor has established these original terms, it’s time to begin forging down the specifics of a further holistic agreement. Frequently, adventure capital investors take advantage of a wide variety of fiscal tools — premonitory shares, fresh option subventions, clearances, etc — to negotiate the stylish deal possible. For case, an investor may agree to a advanced price in exchange for an redundant portion of a company in premonitory shares — type of stock that’s given to business counsels in exchange for their sapience and moxie.

Preferred stock is when shareholders have precedence over a company’s income but warrant advancing rights. Or stock options — a contract which conveys its proprietor, the holder, the right, but not the obligation, to buy or vend an beginning asset or instrument at a specific price previous to or on a specified date.

Or common stock. When financing an equity round or convertible note round, investors need to understand the different fiscal tools available to them. Accommodations revolve around having the right regulators.

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